Monday, August 23, 2004

George W. Bush was involved with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisements

Why you're right:

1. The SBVfT ads features a member of the Bush/Cheney veterans steering committee. Kenneth Cordier appears prominently in the advertisement. Until late last week, he served on the national veterans steering committee for the Bush/Cheney campaign. The campaign only dumped him when his position was exposed last weekend. (Washington Post)

2. The SBVfT ads were funded by a longtime friend of Karl Rove. Their top contributor – Bob Perry – has been friends with Karl Rove for almost 20 years. He also gave $46,000 to Bush's gubernatorial campaigns. (International Herald Tribune)

3. The mastermind behind SBVfT is the same woman the Bush campaign used to smear John McCain. Merrie Spaeth has spearheaded the publicity assault for the SBVfT group. She also worked for a similar group, called Republicans for Clean Air, that smeared McCain's environmental record. (Dallas Morning News)

Why they're wrong:

The Bush campaign claims that, until this Friday, they had no idea that Kenneth Cordier was involved in the SBVfT ads. But the ads had already been running incessantly on television for days. The Bush campaign is monitoring the news constantly. The claim that they didn't know Cordier appeared in the ads until Friday is not credible.