Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kerry's vote against the $87 billion is nothing to be ashamed of

Why you're right:

1. John Kerry was backing the troops 100%. John Kerry voted against the funding package because Bush didn't provide a way to pay for it. His concerns have been proven well founded. This year the nation's deficit is expected be $455 billion. The bill Kerry preferred would have simply passed the funding but offset it by rolling back tax cuts for those making over $200,000 a year. (Cox)

2. George W. Bush threatened to veto $87 billion in funding for operations in Iraq. If the money wasn't provided in exactly the way Bush requested, he threatened to veto the bill. In other words, Bush did the exact same thing that he is criticizing Kerry for doing. Bush argued for a particular set of requirements for how the money would be appropriated and was willing to oppose the funding package if he didn't get his way. (CBS News)

Why they're wrong:

Kerry's vote was not a flip-flop. Voting for a spending proposal when it is responsibly funded and against it when it isn't responsibly funded does not show indecision. It shows a basic understanding about public policy. The two votes (one that included a tax rollback for the rich and one that didn't) were very different. There is nothing contradictory or weak about changing your vote based on how things are funded.