Thursday, August 19, 2004

President Bush does not adequately support our troops

Why you're right:

1. Bush proposed cutting funding for military housing and medical facilities. In the fiscal year 2004 budget the President Bush proposed spending nearly $1.5 billion less on these critical facilities than the previous year. (House Appropriation Committees)

2. Bush proposed rolling back increases for imminent-danger pay. Soldiers on the front lines recieve a small monthly payment as compensation for being placed in imminent danger. Bush proposed cutting this fee from $225 a month to $150 a month. (Army Times)

3. Bush eliminated aid to schools located on military bases. He sliced $125 million in federal subsidies for education children of troops. The cuts affected "about 900,000 children nationwide and 63 percent of children in military families." (Seattle Times)

Why they're wrong:

Bush provides a lot of rhetorical support for the military. But members of the military and their families don't need rhetoric. Like everyone else, they need housing, health care, education and a decent wage. On these substantive measures, Bush has failed to provide support that the military deserves.